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Celebrating Five Decades of David Hammons
March 28, 2016

By Roseanne Tabachnik

Mnuchin Gallery in New York opened its “David Hammons: Five Decades” earlier this month. Up through May 27, the show celebrates the artist’s works over the last 50 years.

Hammons is known for addressing the role of race in society and projecting experiences of African American life in his work. The exhibition, organized by Hammons himself, traces the evolution and development of his works dating back from the 1960s to his present day pieces.

The installation includes never-before-seen photographs from Hammons’ personal collection, documenting his most coveted works in his career. The show also features several loans from museums and private collections, including early paintings and found- object assemblages such as Basket Chandeliers, Tarps, Fur Coats, and Mirrors.

Keeping in line with Hammons’ enduring engagement with music, Japanese court music is played throughout the show.



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