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Art in America

By Brian Boucher


Mnuchin Gallery, on New York's Upper East Side, unveils a selection of 10 of Donald Judd's "stack" sculptures tonight in the newest incarnation of this veteran dealer's gallery.


Judd (1928-1994) began working in this format, in which oblong boxes made of various materials like metal and Plexiglas are arranged vertically on a wall, in 1965. "Donald Judd: Stacks" (Sept. 26-Dec. 7) spans from one of the artist's earliest sculptures in this format, Untitled (DSS 120), from 1968, to works from 1990.


The show brings together what may be the largest grouping of stacks in any exhibition, Robert Mnuchin points out in the show's catalogue. "Major exhibitions find it difficult to show any one aspect of the art in depth because they are trying to cover an entire career," Mnuchin added via e-mail to A.i.A. "Judd's stacks are no exception. For the last 30 years or more, we believe three or four stacks have been the maximum ever shown together."


Prices range from $5 million to $12 million, Mnuchin said, "depending on scale, year and glamour."


Mnuchin was a partner, from 2005 to 2013, in L&M Arts, with Dominique Lévy, who also debuted her own gallery this month. From 1992 to 1997 he was a partner with James Corcoran in C&M Arts.


Judd's home and studio at 101 Spring Street, in New York's SoHo, opened to the public recently.

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