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by Marion Maneker


Sean Scully’s work comes and goes quietly on the art market making new record or near-record prices every few years. Earlier this Summer, the Irish American painter saw his best price in pounds at Christie’s for a 1992 work.

Always attune to opportunities in the market, Mnuchin Gallery announced in Robing Pogrebin’s New York Times column a show of Scully’s work from the 1980s that will open September 13th:


“The time is right for Sean to be recognized alongside major artists of his generation,” said Sukanya Rajaratnam, a Mnuchin partner who is curating the show.


Of the 19 pieces on view, 10 will be for sale ($500,000-$1.6 million), and two have already sold.The works in the show, from 1982 to 1989, bring to mind the colors of Mark Rothko and the stripes of Frank Stella. But Mr. Scully said that he was more influenced by Matisse and Mondrian and that he had been inspired by New York City, having spent years on Duane Street. (He now lives in Tappan, N.Y.)

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