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Bright colored, swirling sculpture-paintings hanging in a white room with dark wood floor

15 Art Shows to See in New York This November
By Hrag Vartanian

I’m not going to lie, I hated this series of Frank Stella artworks when I first saw them last century, but now they’ve grown on me. Their cardboard-like and other flimsy features have a very “of the moment” composition as artists younger than Stella continue to play with ephemerality, roughness, and other qualities that are fully on display here. Based on a visit to India, the maquettes Stella brought back from his trip became the basis of these large sculptures, which flatten in photographs but very much feel in the round IRL. Revisit these colorful monstrosities by Stella and see for yourself. As an added bonus, Stella brought his own benches so visitors can sit and enjoy the work. —HV

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